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  Casey & Lowe have a commitment to research into the history and archaeology of Sydney, Parramatta and New South Wales. Our team of experienced historical archaeologists have a responsibility to ensuring that significant projects have substantial research outcomes. A key outcome of undertaking archaeological projects as part of development should be adding to knowledge about our past, through targeted site-specific historical research and detailed analysis of the results of archaeological projects, included artefacts recovered from such projects.

Research Questions

Archaeological Research Questions for Parramatta.

Research Projects and Publications

Mary Casey has a commitment to providing research outcomes from significant archaeological projects. Mary has written numerous papers on archaeological projects, including a PhD on the archaeology and landscape of the former Government Stables and Governor's Domain at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a Master's thesis Archaeological significance, research potential and Camperdown Cemetery (1992).

Links to published papers by Mary are on her publications page. Among recent papers by Mary are:
Tony Lowe directed the excavation of the Old Sydney Burial Ground, Sydney Town Hall. This was one of a number of excavation projects he has undertaken on this site. He co-authored a paper on the cemetery in 1992. We are currently finalising the archaeological report for this project which involves considerable research into burial practices, isotope and skeletal analysis and the creation of a burials' database.

Robyn Stocks is a senior artefact specialist and undertakes extensive research and analysis on artefacts found on our various projects. Some of these can be seen on our Fascinating Finds page. In 2008 Robyn wrote a paper on locally-made artefacts found on sites in Parramatta: New evidence for local manufacture of artefacts at Parramatta, 1790-1830 (2008), PDF 15 pages with diagrams and photos, 8.3 MB. Warning - large file.

Key areas of research
Honours Students, Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Sydney

We frequently have honours students working on archaeological projects for their honours thesis. In this way we are able to mentor students who then have the opportunity to further archaeological research and knowledge.

Recent topics include:
  • Running wild: a study of working class childhood in urban Sydney from the mid 19th to early 20th century, Hayley Chan, 2012.
    A comparative analysis of children's artefacts found at the former CSR site and the Darling (Walk) Quarter site.
  • Making Do: Manufacturing finer pottery in Sydney in the early 19th century, Nicholas M Pitt, 2010.
    An historical, archaeological and archaeometric study into selected lead-glazed earthenware manufactured by Thomas Ball, found at the site 710-722 George St, Haymarket, Sydney.
Associations and Research Groups

Mary Casey is a member of the Archaeology of Sydney Research Group (ASRG). She undertakes research with members of this group as well as supporting their research.   Biography at Dept of Archaeology, University of Sydney website.

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