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Mary Casey and Tony Lowe are the principals of Casey & Lowe Pty Ltd.

We have a broad range of experience in archaeology and heritage matters. The projects we undertake require extensive expertise in project management, archaeological and heritage legislation, knowledge of current archaeological research issues and methodologies. We focus on historical or non-indigenous archaeology relating to post-1788 settlement of New South Wales and Australia.
Tony and Mary with the Lord Mayor, 2003  
    Tony and Mary describe findings in 2003 at the Town Hall burial ground to Lord Mayor, Lucy Turnbull  

  Our experience includes all phases of the archaeological and heritage process:
  • historical research, site survey and identification of sites
  • recording of structural and archaeological fabric
  • assessment of impact on archaeological remains
  • assessment of heritage significance of archaeological sites
  • recommendations for the management of the archaeological resource
  • writing of research designs addressing current research issues and a site's scientific or research significance
  • archaeological excavation and recording
  • public interpretation and publication of archaeological results.
The projects we undertake require expertise in:
  • project management
  • archaeological and heritage legislation
  • liaison with heritage bodies, councils and other consultants
  • clear and timely report writing and production
  • co-operative projects with other consultants and disciplines
  • interpretation of our results in reports and for the public
  • principles and aims of the Burra Charter of Australia ICOMOS
  • presentation of results to the media and the public.
While we do not undertake Indigenous heritage projects we work with specialist consultants in this area whom we can recommend or co-ordinate with or project manage as part of a larger team.

Rhian Jones, Robyn Stocks, Jill Miskella, Sandra Kuiters, Amanda Dusting, Mike Hincks, Nadia Iacono, Jane Rooke and Maggie Butcher.

Regular Contractors
Guy Hazell, Jeanne Harris, Melissa Carter, Melanie Fillios, Russell Workman, Nick Pitt and Kylie Macdonald.

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